Each year, ECPI University awards more than $5 million in scholarships to our students. If you want to study for a career in your chosen field, we would love to help you discover what scholarships may be available to you.

Each scholarship at ECPI has its own unique qualifying criteria. We offer the following types of aid:

Students enrolled in any undergraduate Bachelor’s, Associate or diploma program are auto-enrolled for the Graduation Scholarship Fund, which may provide awards up to $2,500 to reduce student loan debt in the final semester of your program.

Students who remain eligible for the Graduation Scholarship Fund will have their tuition rates locked in until they graduate at the rate upon enrollment.

ECPI participates in the Yellow Ribbon program, allowing eligible veterans to have their tuition costs covered by their benefits. Veterans can continue in their program year-round without waiting for annualized benefits to renew.

We’ve created agreements with a variety of area businesses to provide their employees tuition assistance benefits.

General Scholarship Policies

  • Scholarships, unless otherwise indicated, will be applied only to lower tuition debt.
  • Only degree-seeking students enrolled in a minimum of 9 credits per semester will receive a scholarship award unless otherwise noted in the criteria.
  • To qualify for scholarships, students must maintain continuous enrollment on a semester basis. Students may take only one semester off during their enrollment.
  • Students eligible for multiple special tuition rates, pricing programs or scholarships will receive the one most beneficial.

Contact ECPI University today to learn more and find the scholarship that works for you.